A biotechnology company about to enter clinical stage with two of its three leading-edge cancer drugs

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Creating a paradigm shift
in cancer therapeutics


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Improving patient lives and increasing survival rates

Our vision is to achieve a significant increase in the survival rate of patients with specific cancers through ground-breaking scientific discovery and personalized medicine using our proprietary molecules.

Innovation-driven development

One of AC BioScience’s innovative approaches is characterized by the way we develop and apply new vascular normalizers that help drugs to better access solid tumors and oxygenation, thereby increasing the efficacy of all types of chemo- and radiotherapy.
Clinical trial Phase 2/3 in 2022.
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Reverting the tumor phenotype

With a Beta-carboline derivative showing outstanding pre-clinical results, our aim is to revert the tumor phenotype in order to improve MHC-1 mediated antigens presentation, and thereby potentiate the efficacy of anti PD-1 therapy.
Clinical trial Phase 1 in 2023.
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Exploring biotherapy

We are also currently validating a patented cationic amphipathic peptide (CAP6). This molecule is at the forefront of a shift towards cancer “biotherapy”, and has shown exceptional promise in in vivo tests for the treatment of lung cancer (NSCLC).

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Blockbuster potential

These products are potential blockbusters, with the promise of significantly improving the quality of life and clinical outcomes of millions of patients around the world.

Unique expertise

Our profound knowledge of specific therapeutic areas sets AC BioScience apart in its quest to create new possibilities and give hope to cancer patients.