Innovative approach

AC BioScience is focused on personalized molecular therapies; that is, medical care designed to optimize efficiency or therapeutic benefit for particular groups of patients by using molecular profiling.

We are pioneering ground-breaking therapies to potentiate efficacy of immuno-oncology and tumor angiogenesis treatments. After exceptional pharmacological and safety results, the company is entering clinical trials with two lead molecules for cancers with unmet medical needs (mPAC, mCRC) in 2023/24.

To maximize resources and ensure sustainability, the company operates with a lean organization. This is possible through the deep involvement of the two co-founders in strategic and scientific development and operations, and the obtainment of research grants. Drug development and clinical validation are outsourced to specialist companies or academic institutions.

R&D Priorities

The company’s priority targets are the treatment of tumoral and immunological pathologies.


One of our projects aims to improve the efficacy of chemo- and radiotherapy in the treatment of solid hypoxic tumors, using sphingosine-1-phosphate (S1P) metabolism modulators as tumor vascular normalizers. Initial clinical focus is on the treatment of metastatic Pancreatic Cancer.

Our Beta-carboline derivative (ACB1801) has successfully attained pharmacological Proof-of-Concept, the goal of which was to revert the tumor phenotype, to improve antigen presentation and thereby to enhance the efficacy of checkpoint-inhibitor immune therapy. Clinical trials will cover Colorectal Cancer patients with a high non-responder rate due to high MSI-L and MSS prevalence.

The company owns a patent for an antitumor cationic amphipathic peptide (CAP6). It belongs to a new generation of cancer drugs with limited side effects and generally greater efficacy.

Business Model

Our “success by design” business model starts with the identification of new medical strategies for the treatment of cancer.


AC BioScience:


  1. Identifies unique scientific discoveries to increase the efficacy of cancer treatment therapies.
  2. Turns its products into knowledge assets, by creating or acquiring intellectual property.
  3. Conducts research in collaboration with academic and medical institutions for product development and (pre-)clinical validation.
  4. Delivers drug products with regulatory approval up to and including clinical proof-of-concept (phase IIa) or phase IIb.
  5. Licences (or sells licences) to global pharmaceutical companies.

Intellectual Property

AC BioScience’s objective is to turn innovation into economic value and to secure optimum protection for its intellectual property. To this end, the company has been diligently protecting its innovations, research and validation work by filing patent applications or acquiring patents for their broadest applications.


AC BioScience has obtained a EUROSTARS grant of € 852 Thousand in 2022 for its multi-partner transnational innovation project. AC BioScience is the lead partner of a consortium that includes the Luxembourg Institute of Health (LIH) and Gustave Roussy Institute (IGR, France). This European grant will allow AC BioScience to accelerate the preclinical development of its immuno-stimulatory lead molecule ACB1801.


Additional joint research projects with LIH and IGR are on-going in the field of immuno-oncological studies for CRC, and combination treatments of S1P metabolism modulators and radiotherapy.

A research agreement has been concluded with the Institut Curie in Paris to test the effectiveness of our S1P modulators in TNBC and HCC.

An Innosuisse-funded collaborative research project with the Biochemistry Group of the University of Lausanne has started in June 2020. The goal of the project is to demonstrate that the administration of immuno-modulating compounds can be used to overcome parasite-elicited immune subversion to treat certain infectious diseases.